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Who we are

We are a group of individuals who have come together to better the experiences and opportunities of Dressage Amateur Owner Riders in Victoria. 

Whilst we are a relatively new group we have already put together some fantastic incentives and opportunities for AOR's. Please browse through this website for more information. 

Are you an AOR?




In order to qualify as an amateur owner rider, all riders must declare that they meet the following criteria:

  1. The rider must be a Competitive member of their state branch of Equestrian Australia

  2. To qualify as an Amateur Owner/Rider the rider must not have competed in an FEI

    Sanctioned CDI (PSG- GP ) or CDI-W in the prior 3 calendar years.

  3. The horse must have a life registration with Equestrian Australia.

  4. The horse/pony registration lodged with Equestrian Australia must reflect the name of the

    amateur owner rider as owner or part-owner of the horse. Leased horse are only permitted if the registration papers reflect the lessee as the “owner” . Leased horses are eligible as long as the amateur owner rider competitor is reflected as the lessee on the EA horse registration of that horse.

  5. An amateur owner rider’s principle source of income must not be obtained from sponsorship, breaking, training, riding or coaching any horse or rider over the last two years.

  6. An amateur owner rider must not have sponsorship per annum above the value of $500.,

  7. An Amateur Owner rider must not have remuneration (excluding prize money) above the

    value of $ 500 per /annum for any services connected with the breaking, training or riding of any other person’s horse or pony in the last 3 years. This does not include instructing riders, provided that instructing is not the principle income (per rule 5.)

  8. The horse/pony must be primarily ridden and trained by the rider/owner with only periodic ridden assistance by person(s) other than the owner. Specifically the horse/pony must not have been ridden or trained by anyone, other than the owner, from the closing date of entries to the day of the event, for any event in which the rider wishes to compete as an amateur owner rider.

  9. The rider must be aged 21 and over – can enter in the calendar year in which they turn 21.


  •   The Division is for Official Competitive classes. The Organising Committees may run this Division at any level (ideally at all levels Preliminary - GP) and it can be run either within the class or separately.

  •   Organising Committees must choose to designate the Amateur Owner Rider on the draw if there is a

    separate class conducted within the one class.

  •   For a State/Regional/Club Leader Board it would be ideal to select a number of events at which scores will count towards the annual Leader Board. 

Meet The Team

Lizzy Schirmer


Kate Purcell



Dolly Joyce

Pam Nissner

Deb Hodgson